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Aerokleen B Plus

Bactericidal cabin cleaner concentrate


  • Contains a long-lasting bactericide
  • Assists in achievement of germ free surfaces
  • Easy removal of difficult stains
  • Low foaming for fast spray on/wipe off application
  • Professionally perfumed
  • Water rinsing not required
  • Completely biodegradable
  • Aircraft approvals

Aerokleen B Plus combines the extremely effective cleaning properties of Dasic\'s existing

Aerokleen B with a powerful bactericide that helps to provide clean germ free surfaces throughout the aircraft cabin.
Unlike many quaternary based products, the bactericide in Aerokleen B Plus continues to work and is not neutralised by organic soiling.
Results shown below indicate the effectiveness of Aerokleen B Plus when tested against gram negative bacteria E. coli.


Plastic and vinyl areas of seating and lining will readily respond to a 2-5% solution of Aerokleen B Plus in water. This may be applied by cloth, brush or spray. Following a suitable contact time, the dissolved deposits may then be removed with a clean damp cloth without streaking, or alternatively readily rinsed with clean water. Optimum results are obtained by using hand spray applicators. These can be supplied by Dasic, on request.
In general, Aerokleen B Plus should be used at a 5% concentration in water on food preparation and presentation surfaces. This may be increased to 20% when there is heavy soiling and optimum bacteria kill is required.

4 x 5 litre packs, 25 litre and 200 litre drums.

Always consult the product label and Dasic Safety Data Sheet before use.

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