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High performance water dilutable cleaner for the manual cleaning of rail and rain carriage interiors and exteriors



For external use

Dasic R2020 may be applied either by brush or by specialist foam application equipment (Dasic can supply details of suitable application equipment for this purpose). The following dilution rates should be used:

1 Very light soiling - Dilute in warm or cold water to 2% concentration.

2 Average soiling - Dilute in warm or cold water to 5% concentration.

3 Heavy soiling - Dilute in warm or cold water to a maximum concentration
of 20%.

Solutions of Dasic R2020 should not be allowed to dry out on carriage surfaces. This is particularly important for glass windows. Cleaning schedules should be organised to ensure cleaning solutions can be rinsed before drying out.

For internal use

Dilute with hot or warm water at a rate of 2-5% depending on soiling and apply with brush or cloth. Wipe or rinse off with cold water. Regular cleaning cycles will maintain cleanliness and appearance of internal areas. Do not use on cloth or vinyl-lined upholstery.

Dasic R2020 is packed in 25 litre polythene containers, 200 litre polythene containers or 1000 litre IBCs.

Dasic R2020 is classified as an Irritant preparation. Impervious gloves and eye protection should be worn. Further protective clothing maybe required according to the quantities being used and the risk of accidental splashing. Always consult the Dasic Safety Data Sheet before use.

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