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Heavy duty gel cleaner for rail carriage exteriors


  • Effective on stubborn soiling and iron staining
  • Safe on most metals, paintwork, glass, plastics and rubber
  • Biodegradable
  • Low handling hazard
  • Economical in use

Dasic R2010 is a high performance gel cleaner formulated to remove even the most stubborn of soils encountered on rail carriage exteriors. Being a free-flowing gel, it is easy to apply, but clings well to vertical surfaces and is very economical in use.

Dasic R2010 has no hazard classification under the CHIP Regulations and does not present an operator hazard under proper use conditions.

Dasic R2010 does not contain any environmentally hazardous substances and is expected to be readily biodegradable.


Ensure that carriage doors and windows are shut prior to commencing.

1. Brush application

Dasic R2010 should be spread evenly over the carriage surfaces using mild agitation and left in contact for 10 to 15 minutes. This should be followed by thorough rinsing with cold water.

2. Low pressure gel application

Dasic R2010 should be applied to the surfaces in a thin layer using low pressure gel application equipment (Dasic International can supply details of suitable equipment upon request). The gel should be left in contact for 10-15 minutes. Heavily soiled areas should then be brushed and the whole surface thoroughly rinsed with cold water.


Dasic R2010 is packed in 25 litre polythene containers, 200 litre polythene containers and 1000 litre IBCs.


Although Dasic R2010 does not have a hazard classification under the CHIP Regulations, it is a mildly acidic material and could cause significant eye irritation. Prolonged skin contact could also cause irritation. The wearing of impervious gloves and eye protection is recommended. Further protective clothing may be required according to the quantities being handled and the risk of splashing. Always consult the Dasic Safety Data Sheet before use.



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