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Aerokleen AN2001P Polish

Water dilutable liquid wipe on/wipe off polish


  • Contains no aromatic solvents for extra safety
  • Formulated to wax and polish
  • Safe on all painted aircraft surfaces
  • Safe on all aircraft metals
  • Easily applied
  • Easily removed without excessive rubbing
  • May be applied as a cleaner/polish
  • May be used with all wax applicators
  • Protects aircraft surfaces
  • Conforms to Specification CSD-1 and AMS 1650 A.
  • Water dilutable for economy and faster removal

Aerokleen Polish AN2001P has been developed to complement the existing range of Aerokleen fuselage washing products. Aerokleen Polish AN2001P provides the ideal solution to aircraft cleaning requirements during regular mechanical maintenance periods.

Aerokleen Polish AN2001P may be easily applied on both painted and unpainted surfaces providing protection against oxidisation and ultra-violet light. The product readily removes surface film, oxidised paint and exhaust residues. It is, therefore, an ideal product for use when restrictions are placed upon the use of water required for conventional cleaning. The restoration of lustre to old paintwork using Aerokleen Polish AN2001P provides both job satisfaction and passenger appeal.


Apply Aerokleen AN2001P to the aircraft surface with a suitable applicator. The polish is then allowed to dry to an infinite haze and wipe off with a clean cloth or towel. The polish may be used with a mechanical buffer, if desired.

Aerokleen AN2001P Polish may also be applied at dilutions of between 10 and 50% in water, through spray equipment or by hand. Use of diluted product is recommended where ease of removal on large areas is of major importance.

Aerokleen Polish AN2001P may be used via robotic aircraft washing units at concentrations as low as 1% with water.

Aerokleen Polish AN2001P may also be used to dry clean and polish an aircraft within the hangar, during scheduled engineering overhaul periods.

4 x 5 litre packs

Always consult the product label and Dasic Safety Data Sheet before use.

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