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Dasic D83 a thixotropic material which has been specifically developed to provide the aircraft industry with an effective heavy duty application paint remover suitable for use on selectively strippable acrylic and other schemes with low chemical resistances.

Dasic D83 is completely free of both ammonia and phenolic materials.
The formulation incorporates a very effective evaporation retardant and emulsifier system. The former is to minimise solvent loss, thereby preventing the premature \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"drying-out\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" of the Dasic D83 coating where prolonged dwell times are necessary. The latter factor provides excellent water rinsing properties, leaving a wax free substrate requiring minimal preparation before repainting Dasic D83 will degrade the majority of rubber and plastic materials and areas containing these should be masked off before using paint remover.


a) Spray flow coating application

Dasic D83 is applied by means of the Dasic D23 Pump Unit (see separate product data sheet). This unit allows the product to be applied to the surface as a thick uniform coat which should be allowed to penetrate the paint scheme. The dwell time will depend on the substrate and the chemical resistance and thickness of the paint, but will probably be in the order of 1 - 2 hours. After complete blistering of the area, the paint is removed with a Tufnol or Teflon scraper and the area thoroughly washed with water, or 2-5% aqueous solution of Dasic Aerokleen CD1 followed by a water rinse. This will leave a totally wax free substrate ready for subsequent pre-treatment and repainting.

b) Brush application
Dasic D83 should be stippled on to the substrate to give a thick even coating and then treated as above.


Extreme caution should be exercised when opening all paint stripping containers, this includes the wearing of protective clothing and face visor.


25 litre and 200 litres

Always consult the product label and Dasic Safety Data Sheet before use.

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