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Dasic D223 is an approved acid activated phenolic paint remover developed to strip the most chemically resistant products of modern paint technology.

Dasic D223 is designed to facilitate the removal of acid cured epoxy coating systems from aluminium substrates and is recommended for use in removing obdurate areas of primer left after stripping with Dasic D23.


Dasic D223 can have a detrimental effect on high tensile steel, magnesium, cadmium plate and zinc substrates and contact with these metals must be avoided. The product will also degrade the majority of rubber and plastic materials. Where adequate masking-off of these materials cannot be guaranteed, Dasic D223 should not be used.


a) Removal of obdurate primers
Following initial paint removal applications with Dasic D23, the aircraft skin should be rinsed with water and allowed to dry. All susceptible areas must then be efficiently masked off. Dasic D223 should then be applied to the skin surface to give a heavy uniform coat by spray or brush application. Sufficient time should then be allowed for the remover to penetrate the primer coating. Dwell times required will vary according to chemical resistance of the primer but should NOT exceed a period of 2 hours. When the primer coating is sufficiently softened, it should be removed with a Tufnol or Teflon scraper and the area thoroughly washed with a 2-5% aqueous solution of Dasic Aerokleen CD1 followed by a water rinse. This will ensure a wax free substrate ready for subsequent pre-treatment and re-painting.

b) Removal of complete paint schemes
Dasic D223 may be used to strip complete air frames, assuming the correct masking procedures (see above) have been followed. However, in most cases, its use will be limited to specific areas of exceptionally resistant paint that have proved difficult to remove with Dasic D23.

NOTE: Extreme caution should be exercised when opening all paint stripping containers, this

25 litre drums.

Always consult the product label and Dasic Safety Data Sheet before use.

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