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Aerokleen B

  •  Easy removal of difficult stains
  •  Low foaming for fast spray on/wipe off application
  •  Professionally perfumed
  •  Economic to use (5% in water)
  •  Water rinsing not required
  •  Completely biodegradable
  •  Comprehensive aircraft approvals

Aerokleen B, cabin cleaner concentrate, has been developed to facilitate the easy removal of tenacious
deposits from aircraft interiors. Aerokleen B is biodegradable and non-corrosive to all air frame
structures having being specially formulated for the aerospace industry.
Aerokleen B has been formulated to be equally effective on both matt and gloss painted surfaces.  The
low foaming characteristics of Aerokleen B are particularly useful when cleaning ridged surfaces.
Aerokleen B has been professionally developed to leave a fresh, reodourised and clean atmosphere
inside the aircraft cabin.

Plastic and vinyl areas of seating and lining will readily respond to a 5% concentration of Aerokleen B
in water.  This may be applied by cloth, brush or spray.  Following a suitable contact time, the dissolved
deposits may then be removed with a clean damp cloth without streaking, or alternatively readily rinsed
with clean water.  Optimum results are obtained by using hand spray applicators.  These can be supplied
by Dasic on request.
4 x 5 litre packs, 25 litre and 200 litre drums.

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