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Aerokleen A320 Gel

Heavy duty high viscosity aqueous based aircraft exterior cleaner

  • Viscous - High cling factor even when diluted
  • Slow drying - Extremely important in hot weather conditions
  • High lubricity - Assists brush agitation over large area
  • Readily water dilutable for economic usage (25% in water)
  • Non-streaking
  • Contains citrus based ingredients for increased performance
  • Completely biodegradable
  • Good rinsability
  • Comprehensive aircraft approvals

Aerokleen A320 Gel is a completely new concept in aircraft cleaning. The gel structure of the product
enables it to continue to solubilise deposits without drying, even in adverse hot and windy weather

The unique structure of Aerokleen A320 Gel enables it to be readily applied through
pressure applicators, whilst still ensuring that a substantial film of product clings to the surface. The
structure of this film has also been specifically developed to offer high lubricity when agitated by brush.

Aerokleen A320 Gel was primarily developed for removing soils from landing gears, wheel wells and
flap cavities. However, the product has also proved highly effective in the removal of the partially
carbonized greases typically found in engine exhaust and thrust reverser areas.

Aerokleen A320 Gel was formulated to be readily dilutable in water whilst retaining a reasonable
degree of viscosity. The product is, therefore, extremely versatile and equally suitable for use on all
areas of the aircraft exterior.

Aerokleen A320 Gel incorporates naturally occurring citrus type additives in conjunction with the latest
products of surfactant technology in order to boost cleaning performance without compromising on
environmental acceptability.

Aerokleen A320 Gel contains no petroleum distillate solvents, is non-flammable and presents no more
of an effluent problem than conventional biodegradable water dilutable shampoos.

Aerokleen A320 Gel
is fully biodegradable. The product is safe on aircraft materials, will not craze perspex and does not
damage tarmac.

Aerokleen A320 Gel may be applied by brush or pressure spraying equipment.

Heavy Duty Cleaning:
For optimum performance on landing gear areas etc., Aerokleen A320 Gel should be used either as
supplied or diluted at 50% with water. The product should preferably be applied to the areas by spray,
then after allowing a few minutes dwell times to enable the product to solubilise the soiling, the surface
should be agitated by brush and then thoroughly rinsed.

General Cleaning:
For cleaning other areas of the aircraft exterior such as the upper fuselage, Aerokleen A320 Gel may be
effectively used at a dilution of 25% in water using the above method of application.

Immersion Cleaning of Aircraft Wheels:
Aerokleen A320 Gel used as an immersion product will effectively wet out and remove the soils found
on aircraft wheels. Rubber and heat baked contamination present no problem to this specialised

The component stator pack or aircraft wheel may be immersed in a tank containing neat Aerokleen
A320 Gel. Its highly viscous characteristics allow the material to continue acting when the wheel has
been removed from the tank and allowed to stand. Excess material should be allowed to drain back into
the tank and a dwell time of approximately 15 minutes is recommended prior to water rinsing using an
air/water gun. Light agitation with a brush may be beneficial.


25 litre drums, 200 litre drums, 1000 litre IBC’s and bulk road tankers.

Always consult the product label and Dasic Safety Data Sheet before use.

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